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and share locations online.

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Revolutionise your workflow...

Your new database

Store, sort, and tag all your locations in a secure online environment specifically designed for the job.
Virtu Scout is the only resource that hosts 360°’s, 3D models, images, video’s and PDF’s all in one easy to use and view tool.

Share with clients

Securely share your locations online with members of your team and view all your media types in one place, the Virtu Scout location viewing portal. Choose between map view, gallery view or full screen and quickly navigate around location media.

Conduct virtual recces

Save your clients time and money by viewing locations in great detail online. Share with as many people as you want including your entire crew, allow them to take their own measurements from 3D models, or get familiar with a site by viewing in 360°.

How it works...

Capture your data

Capture data yourself in a range of supported media formats. Or if you can’t, contact us with your site capture requirements and one of our teams will head out to capture data for you. Whether that’s simple stills, a full 360° panoramic tour or a 3D model capture by drone or ground LiDAR scanners. *site capture costs are additional and charged depending on requirements.

Upload your data

Use our web interface to set-up a new location and upload your data at home or on the go. If you loose connection, no problem, just pick up where you left off when you regain connection.

You can upload images, videos, 360’s (from a range of supported 360 cameras), 3D models (exported with Potree), PDF documentation and any associated information relevant to the location.

Add your tags

User defined meta tags is a big feature of Virtu Scout, allowing you to organise your database in a way that works best for your team. Tag your locations with ‘Bridge’ or ‘London’, filter by costs or organise your locations for a particular job such as ‘Job 185’ or add any ‘Custom’ tags.

Use your tags to filter by any combination doing away with lengthy and restrictive folder chains.

View locations

View your locations in the Virtu Scout viewing portal and filter between media items. View images in full-screen or immerse yourself in 360° panoramic tours all within the same dashboard.

Switch between map view and media view to get a comprehensive understanding of the location and its surroundings.

Share locations

Securely share your locations with colleagues and clients so they can view them online. Choose how much information you want to share and use anonymous mode to strip out meta data and location info until you’re ready to share it.

Your clients will login to their own portal to view the locations you’ve shared meaning it’s completely secure and don’t worry, viewing locations is free of charge.


No, Virtu Scout has been set up with secrecy and privacy in mind. The locations you upload to Virtu Scout will only be viewable to the people you share them with, and if you don't want to share them anymore then you can simply remove their permission to view.
Simply by reducing the need to complete on-site location recce's. The variety of data you're able to upload to Virtu Scout should give your clients a really comprehensive understanding of the location online without the need for many people to gather on a physical location recce.
It saves money in day rates, travel, accommodation, subsistence and of course is much more Covid friendly.
Our pricing tiers have been designed with the user in mind.
- The basic tier is perfect for a freelance location scout.
- The Pro tier is great for a small team working on a production where you might have many locations and many people viewing them.
- The Premium tier is really for location scouting companies who want to store their extensive database of locations online and share them far and wide.
- The Custom tier is for clients who have thousands of locations on their books. It is the most flexible package in the sense that we work with you to achieve your goals with the system. On the custom package, we can also custom develop features specifically to suit your needs.
Our pricing works through the amount of data you have stored on the system (static storage) and the amount of data you or your clients use viewing the locations online (bandwidth). These 2 factors combined, give us the tier that you should be in.
To give you an idea, we've found that images on the system tend to be around 2.5mb which on the 20gb package equates to 8000 images.
Don't worry! When you submit a form online, we'll send you an email with a meeting link where one of the team will guide you through the platform and show you how best to use it. After that, we'll set you up with a 14-day free trial. At the end of the 14 days, we'll reach back out to see how you've got on.
We're sure you'll love the platform, but after the trial, if you don't get on with it, there's no obligation to sign up.
Yes. We'd be sad to see you go, but after your contract is up, if you no longer want to use Virtu Scout you can send an email to your account manager asking for your data to be downloaded off the system. Give us 72 hours and we'll have it ready for you.
For the best and most reliable experience, we recommend using Virtu Scout on Google Chrome. It's the most commonly used internet browsing platform in the world and us such, we've used this as a base for our development. Virtu Scout does still work with other browsers such as Firefox and Safari and other browsers but with the small possibility of a slightly more limited functionality.
Currently, we have 6 month and 1 year subscriptions to the platform, but we hope that at the end of that term, you'll love it so much that you renew and build your portfolio of locations for many years to come.


  • A new place for you to store locations online
  • Share locations limitlessly with clients and crew
  • View all media types in one place designed around scouting
  • Combine your current tools into one platform
  • Save your clients thousands by conducting recces online

Prices start from:
£50 per month

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